Classic Interweave jacket and  Bag

Manfredofsweden Bag and Jacket


It all started with designing clothes for her Yorkshire terrier the famous Manfred.
The Designer and founder of MoS Manfred of Sweden, Ann Gärdsby, is also known as one of the Survivors of year 2001.
Manfred did not like the cold winter weather in Sweden, so we started designing clothes for him to wear during our daily walks in the neighbourhood.

Today Manfred of Sweden has been featured world wide:In the Wall street Journal, Herald Tribune, Daily Mail,, as well as in-flight publications, books and numerous television appearances.
We were also included in the glossy table book “Unbridaled” by Swarovski.

An exhibit which included Manfred’s clothing at the Design Museum in Gothenburg also attracted considerable attention,
which resulted in, further exhibitions across the world, major museums and galleries,
the Momu museum in Antwerp with Swarovski “Crystal loves leather Courage”,

Unbridaled by Swarovski at The Monnais Museum in Paris with John Galliano, Armani, Azzaro, Escada,
Vivienne Westwood, Victor & Rolf.

The famous rock photographer Jan Olofsson’s images decorate a new line of Manfred’s T-shirts. Recently we created a
jacket on the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper theme. The Manfred of Sweden brand represents a unique fusion of fashion and
functionality. Customizing clothing is key to the range. “Although Manfred is small, we can and do produce clothes for
dogs of all sizes, including big dogs.

We usually travel together, but we drew the line when we found out that Manfred would have to travel in the
luggage department of the airplane to the Pet a Porter at Harrods in London. A stand- in was used for that Cat-walk!
We’ve just produced a smart pilot jacket, which we feel could become something of a trendsetter, and reflects the way in
which Manfred is now travelling internationally.”
The brand has already generated considerable interest and acclaim all over the world available through high-end retailers
like Harrods in London, Bongenie Grieder Switzerland, L.A. Dog Works in Hollywood, La Fayette in Paris,
Tony Valdy in St Petersburg, Russia to mention a few , St John in the Carribean.

Manfred of Sweden recently won the highly prestigious Pet Fashion Week NY Media Choice Award sponsored by
Swarovski Crystallized™ using Swarovski Elements. This was judged by the media representatives, confirming
Manfred’s status as the premier brand in this field.